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This is really cool.

Adam B

Very cool. I just moderated a panel last weekend all about the fan experience. Ironic that the band that originated suing fans can also do something like this!


You know, Adam, the reason they sued those people, right? They were stealing from them. Look at the state of the music business, today, and tell me they were wrong. With the ability to download anyone's music, for free, why pay,right? It all comes down to respect. If you like their music and respect the band, pay for the damn music!


You're right, the music business has died completely. No one ever listens to music, buys music, goes to gigs, writes fanzines, promotes gigs, reads about bands.


That's funny,

Because a year or so before they were suing them, they were allowing people to tape their shows for free, in fact had a "taper's section" specified.

Those crazy artists!!!!

So unpredictable!!!


They look as old as that fan does.

Adam B

Actually, they sued fans who bought their music for sharing it.

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