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Scout Ship

On Reddit especially, the community is pretty in tune with calling out BS. Constant self-promotion, as you point out, isn't what the community finds appealing. You can however, in reasonable and infrequent doses, post about your own music. The key is to offer something of value, don't just post your music and say "listen to it". Come up with an interesting story or interpretation of the lyrics, post some pictures that aren't publicly available, write out some honest thoughts about your motivation in writing that song. There's no short term success possible online, for example, you see dozens of companies listed at http://www.buytwitterfollowersreviews.com that get you lots of Twitter followers, but its all for naught if the content isn't great. That's what its all about, and what anybody looking to promote in any manner through any social avenue has to invest time into creating. If you come up with good content and act in a respectful manner, it won't matter if you're doing some self-promotion on Reddit or any other sites.

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