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You cant be a fan fonting fallacious information. :/


"Fans don’t want uniform pop stars that sound like everyone else, despite what the label heads may think."

I'm sorry, your idealism is appreciated but this is just not true.

Angel Blasini III

I disagree with your review of the album, she had songs about her being a mother and a wife as well as past relationships. I enjoyed the album and felt connected to it. She also CO-Produced and co-wrote every song with all those other writers. Now you are absolutely entitled to your opinion but it's very far fetched and subjective for this article and the statements you make in it.

Sam Page

Well I thought this article was very interesting. It provides a daunting sense of what we independent artists are competing against.


I totally agree with everything you said in this article. BRAVO. I pray that she or someone who works with her reads this.

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