Average Musician Grosses $5490 Less Than Average American [CHART]

image from www.google.comWith a backdrop of the radio royalty wars raging in Washington, The Future Of Music Coalition is digging deeper into the data derived from it's Artist Revenue Streams project in an effort to debunk the often held popular myth of the rich and easy life of the professional musicians. 

According to their survey of 5,013 working musicians, their average personal gross income for the past twelve months was $55,561. This includes income from all sources: jobs (music related or not), pension payments, investments, etc. Then by multiplying personal gross income by the percent of income, the FMC calculated average gross estimated music income (EMI) to be $34,455. That's $5000 lower than the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ per capita personal income estimate of $39,945 in 2010.

image from futureofmusic.org


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