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Checkthis-social-postersCheckthis is an interesting hybrid site offering single page "social posters" that can be used for a variety of music marketing purposes. Posters are designed to be easy to create with template options and media uploads. Direct to fan sales are also a possibility. Though not music-specific, Checkthis is definitely worth checking out for DIY artists and music marketers.

Checkthis recently relaunched its site featuring social posters. These posters are quite similar to individual blog posts, though the founders apparently disagree with such assessments.

Basically you create a single page for your topic, write and/or add media elements, pick a theme and/or add a background image, customize everything and finally take it live as a Checkthis page. Social elements are in the right hand column and each account gets its own page displaying associated posters. You can also sell things directly from posters using PayPal.

Checkthis features posters that they consider great examples on their homepage and organizes them in four categories:

Tell: Ravi Shankar

Sell: Mixed Up T-Shirts

Ask: Help Me Choose an Album Cover for Ctrl Alt Delete

Invite: Présentation Officielle - Paris, 29 Sept.

Checkthis received $910,000 in seed funding earlier this year and they have some respected vcs and angels behind them so they should be around for awhile. How they'll monetize the site seems to be up in the air as they develop the service.

If you're a musician with stories to tell, things to sell, polls to conduct or events to promote, Checkthis could be a useful tool for you.

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