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Kyle Wilson

I don't get Jason Calacanis' math at all. Did I miss something?

CPM is cost per thousand. So if we round Psy's views to a billion we get:

$2 per thousand x 1 billion views = $2 x (1 billion/1 thousand) = $2 million

BUT if the last 100M views paid an $8 CPM we can break it into two equations:

$2 per thousand x 900M views = $2 x (900M/1 thousand) = $1.8 million
$8 per thousand x $100M views = $8 x (100M/1 thousand) = $800,000

So my final total is: $1.8M + $0.8M = $2.6M

Jason's math indicates that Psy made $400k from the first 200k views (so $2 per view??). And why does he only mention the first 200k and the last 100M views. Did Psy stop monetizing the 899.8M views in between? There's gotta be a typo in there somewhere.


If this is true, then perhaps indies should pursue other revenue streams, as described in the recent Future of Music Coalition study. Heck, I have distributed over 3000 free legal downloads of my albums and singles, doubled my audience online, and generated consulting and licensing opportunities. That is worth more than your average indie gets from royalties, anyway.


People are stupid but we are NOT!
They used a BOT to increase Youtube Views for his artists.

They can only fool themselves, Psy is the most FAKE and UNTALENTED person ever!

Panalope Fiance


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