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Scott Wilson

Daisy is the song sung by Hal 9000 as he is dying in 2001: A Space Odyssey.


I think those are all great expectations, Clyde.

HTC owns the Beats by Dre brand. It currently integrates Beats into its mobile products. By moving Mog/Daisy under the Beats umbrella, it would make sense to get HTC users hooked on the service. That falls into the "music as a feature" line of thinking.

Since Samsung took their place as the largest smartphone vendor, HTC has indicated they're going make more marketing noise. This move is a way of doing that. They're placing a big emphasis on their smartphones' features: http://news.cnet.com/8301-1035_3-57508519-94/htc-heres-how-were-going-to-get-back-into-the-game/

As a Pandora and Spotify user, this announcement doesn't excite me. And we don't see any meaningful differentiation from other services beyond our own speculation. But perhaps it's a part of a broader strategy relating to smartphone sales.

Clyde Smith

I saw a mention of something else Daisy could refer to.

In both that and the case you mention, that would all be in line with coder naming practices.

PS - Daisy is also the name of a flower!


Clyde Smith

Interesting point. I don't think I saw any mention of HTC from any of the tech or music posts that were up.

Shame on us!


Hmmm, I get it, a streaming service that's all bass!

Davyd Geffen

I still don't see how this is different from Slacker, which already has 'curated' music...


This could be interesting. The tight integration with Beats headphones is a bit sketchy but it is true that none of the music services got the discovery right since Apple bought Lala. I remember we were using Lala all the time to stumble upon new stuff. Spotify's new announcement promises that to change so fingers crossed.

Looking at Trent's comments, it seems his heart is at the right place. I'm a huge believer in curation and algorithms working together so this gets me excited. Looking forward to checking it out.

Anything that introduces a new artist to me makes me smile...

Why you don't listen to comments sections...

That's because HTC doesn't actually own Beats anymore. HTC didn't meet their financial obligations to Beats and had to sell back shares.


Clyde Smith

Thanks. I don't keep up with the headphone industry at all since we barely cover it so I tend to miss the details.

Found this when I checked that. It points to plans they've had for a web store which makes perfect sense.


Clyde Smith

Another good example.


Good find. It looks like the two companies are still working together, though not in the same capacity.



There is no need to start another streaming music service. Everything he claims is missing in the usual suspects are already available via YouTube and sites like http://www.fuhshnizzle.com You can find millions and millions of songs (and videos). fuhshnizzle already has something called shnizztv that serves recommended and related songs to whatever you are listening to and lets you have direct input in what you get to hear.

Also, he will still run into the whole royalty issue that is killing Pandora and Spotify. YouTube already cut a great deal with the music industry and sites utilizing its API get the benefit - artists get paid, copyright infringers can get reported and the sites have a fighting chance to provide great product without need to push, push, push upsells.


This sounds like the musical equivalent of grocery store self-checkout. If you want intelligent curation, tune into one of the many well-curated non-comm radio stations.


Daisy was the name of Trent Reznor's dog in the late 90's that fell off the roof top of a building.


Sorry, correction. It could be from that dog, or his current dog, also named Daisy.

Clyde Smith

I think I'll start a Twitter feed for Daisy III, Trent's future dog.

edwin garcia


Bob Norton

Many well-curated non-comm radio stations??? Not where I live. Not even one.

MOG's biggest flaw was that it made recommendations based on everything you listened to, even if you hated it and only listened to it once. There was no way to vote against a band or genre, only for it. This results in endless crap recommendations for music you could care less about. That's really all that needs to be fixed.

The Beats brand is synonymous with low-grade goods sold at premium prices to an undereducated market by peer pressure marketing. I have a very bad feeling about this.

joe iovine

htc has nothing to do with beats electronics or beats music. beats purchased back everything from HTC in 2013.

Clyde Smith

And you're responding to comments from 2012.

Wake up!

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