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All the "Likes" really do is provide promotion and advertising anyway.

For example, if a band decides to run a Facebook ad, the ad will say "1 billion people like this." So therefore, people think, "Wow, what is this thing that I am missing?"

And therefore, more will check it out.

Likes shouldn't be considered a measure of the number of valid fans, but understood now as a feature which can provide more attention for an artist or band.

But the caveat is that in order to for this to work, you have to already be getting quite a bit of attention to be able to use this feature.

Yet another, "You need some to make some" issue.


Why would anyone expect that pressing a button to indicate "I like Coldplay" implies anything more than declaring that they do indeed appreciate Coldplay's music? Why should "Like" mean "I also want to get relentlessly hammered with spam/inane updates from bandmembers and/or their social media team"?

The industry has spent decades making artists and art into commodities and brands, and many artists, marketers, and other hangers-on have reaped the rewards of that. So by default, the public perception of "Coldplay", for example, is as a brand of music. Some may also associate the name with a singer, some with the entire group of musicians, some with a live experience. But first and foremost, the brand means music.

Apparently this is news to you, but Coldplay is not, in most people's minds, an entity associated with hourly announcements, advertisements, retweets, and chit-chat making them feel "connected". At least, that's not what fans want a band's brand to be. But the fact that they now immediately unsub from the feeds of bands they Like indicates that increasingly, artists are diluting their brands. Coldplay, at least online, is like an acquaintance you hear from way too often, someone who thinks they're your best friend, when in fact you keep them at arm's length, even if that means some peripheral businessman is going to accuse them of not being "real" fans.

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