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Now to blow a big hole in this whole feel good post, however, after 17 years of being in distribution I have to say that only a very few artists really pay attention to what is or is not their distribution plan. BTW if you think iTunes or free music is distro then please carry on and let us know how that Fastfood job is working out for ya.

Nice Try...

I wouldn't call Derek's a 'Fastfood job' type career... not even a little bit. Nice try though.



thank you

Clyde Smith

Honestly, attacking everyone that uses the word distribution in a way in which you disagree is not a good look for your company.


True. Nelson, it makes you look like a weaselly douchebag desperately trying to slap down competition.

derek webb

nelson, thanks for your comment. regarding my "distro" plan via free music, i actually make more money giving music away for free (in exchange for email/zip) than i do selling music. if that hurts your brain, read more here: http://derekwebb.tumblr.com/post/13503899950/giving-it-away-how-free-music-makes-more-than-sense . be careful being cavalier and dismissive of ideas that are disruptive and run contrary to your experience in an ever-changing industry. no one ever realizes they're a dinosaur until the meteor hits.

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