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hypebot hater

Clyde. Oh Clyde.

you're the only "music journalist" in the world who could look at this situation and come out of it with:

"this nomination pretty much comes down to a musician succeeding in a highly competitive setting by making the right tactical choices for networking"

BECAUSE IT DOESN'T. it comes down to trolling/spam, and an out-of-touch userbase. SPAM does not equal EFFECTIVE.

Clyde Smith

Speaking of trolls...

And wackass Twitter accounts!

By the way, I'm not a journalist. Never claimed that. Not an expert. Never claimed that.

You guys have got to stop projecting your nonsense on me!


Hey dumbass: "Highly competitive setting" = the Grammy nomination process. "Right tactical choices for networking" = gaming an out-of-touch userbase who still has a major impact on Grammy nominations. Now, we can get into a discussion of whether the nomination process is flawed or easily manipulated (I think it is), but given the current "rules of the game", yes -- Al Walser is EFFECTIVE. He got what he wanted. All of Clyde's points still stand, and you come off sounding like a whiny bitch.

Clyde Smith

There you have it!

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