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Seem like artists with twitter feeds over a 1 million can make an impact in the marketplace.


I think you also need to consider the quality of those followers. People pay to read the Wall Street Journal so if you wanted to be in that you know that it's readers will read it. Having millions of followers doesn't guarantee anything, to me it's all about the quality of the follower. My band has 20k followers but that doesn't mean we pack every show or those followers are all buying merch and our music online.


The 30m fans figure does not make sense at all . What is relevant is actual reach : ie how many saw the feed and how many engage ...
It is far lower than 30m. I would say around 1%.
Having said that Justin B has reach without any doubt

Samantha Jacob

2/3 of Justin Bieber's twitter accounts are fake. Which means he has at most around 13 Mil fans and how many of them are active accounts? He is all fake with his faker manager Scooter Braun and everyone knows that!


I think justin bieber is hot and I am only 9years old


Social media is definitely a strong media channel, however, the numbers here are skewed. To truly compare Justin's twitter followers to other media outlets you would have to know exactly how many of those followers are actually on twitter to see Justin's message when he posts it or before it is removed from their feed. You would also need to know how many of the reposts are seen as well. I think you would find the impressions much closer. The real amazement is the level of engagement, virility, and ease of call to actions of social media. That makes 1.1m impressions from Justin's twitter account work 10 times harder than 1.1m television impressions.

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