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Physio & conditioning clinic. Centre for elite rehab equipment. Views are those of either AndyT or DaveT and sometimes both Parajumpers


It seemed like a good idea at the time... You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. Student Canada goose

Sasha rubeo

When in comes to american music, ive given up on humanity. Really. RAP=SUCKS!!!! what happened to rock and roll? Queen, Beatles, Jouney, ACDC, Kiss, Guns and Roses? WHERE R THEY? WHERES THE ROCK? METAL? IS IT GONE?


record Labels dont want to pay bands. Its not enough of a return for them. Too many people want to be famous not necessarily good artist. yes metal is gone. http://www.mixtapepage.com/index.php?order=mix&mix_id=17158 Rap/hip hop was really good before it became really mainstream.

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