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Alicia Yaffe

Cortney - (Hi girl!) - while the article is certainly thought provoking, I think it needs to make more mention of the infancy of the market and training. Most of the livestreams that have occurred, and been successful, are free. I just completed a tour with one of my artists on which we streamed every show. Initially, we were making 3 shows from clubs available for free, while 2 were at outdoor, larger, and more beautiful venues, were paid at $10 to watch live. We sold a pitiful amount of tickets for the paid live streams, but had 8000 people watch our free stream. On demand, all of the shows are $5 to watch. Again, demand has been light for paid streams. With the abundance of free streaming, I think the way that artists will generate any meaningful revenue from this is going to be, for awhile at least, sponsors, and perhaps some sort of add-on, but people expect their live streams to be free.

Clyde Smith

We've actually been covering a number of low cost, easy to use livestreaming services for musicians or usable by musicians here at Hypebot. For example:






I pretty much a agree with the above, I am sure that the future of live streaming is bright
@Clyde: unfortunately you have not yet covered livebeats.com, in my view by far the most sophisticated streaming tool custom made for the music industry. Would be nice to see a piece one day :-)

Clyde Smith

I'll certainly keep them in mind.

Hisham used it for something so maybe he would be a good person for them to contact or for me to check in with.

I haven't heard from them or of them till this moment and found Hisham's post through a search just now so I guess they're not reaching out to folks like me.


I agree with the above. I also know of the UK-based site www.justjamit.com as well. They offer the best quality live streaming I've seen, it's easy to set up, plus it all works on a share of ticket/tipping sales as well.

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