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Great ideas. Festival organizers could even charge a small fee for the app to offset the cost of things like a Wi-Fi network. Attendees who paid hundreds for tickets to events like these would be more than willing to shell out an extra $4.99 for an app that offered time-slot updates and info on bathroom line length. Another thought; "turn-by-turn" directions between stages would be a godsend for less-than-sober festival goers. It sounds silly, but believe me it'd come in handy for some.

Kes Phelps

Sorry but i'd rather not have a signal and lose my friends... at least for a few hours. That's half the fun.

Why get bogged down when bands are playing? Don't make a schedule. Just float around and discover stuff you'll never get the chance to again...

tom green

I'm with Kes - the best times I've ever had at festivals usually come out of precisely that "I've lost my mates/festival programme/mind" scenario and come across something extraordinary purely by accident. This kind of nailing-it-all-down idea negates all those interesting possibilities. The only thing I'd agree on is more lavatories. Otherwise, when you go to a festival, turn the damn phone off, for once, or only get it out to take some photos. Be THERE, in real time, it's a whole lot more fun than peering at that silly little screen.

Chase Farmer

@tom and @kes I totally agree that turning the phone off and losing yourself is definitely fun and sometimes makes the experience more enjoyable.

As much as I sometimes hate people shamming the experience, the mobile device is now an integral part to the experience for many. You could also just turn your phone on in between sets when you want to find some food or hit the restroom.


Here in South Africa we could only pray for better security and hope the power does not fail halfway through the main act's set. The infrastructure required for better cell coverage and wifi hot spots would be rather costly, and the bottom line ends up added to the ticket price.

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