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Fruit Mcgee

Your example on Katy Perry is horrid. Or maybe the sum of the music industry. Either way, awful advice.

Atiba Taylor

I disagree with Fruit McGee, the idea of iterations or testing your market because as a DIY artist looking at how other artists create their brand, many artists don't end up with the same sound they start out with. Its a process, whether they change the sound or improve the image. Doing music full time is the hardest thing a person could do, and not knowing the fan base and trying to increase that is like "Doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. Non-productive


This is an interesting read because I definitely did exactly this. It was about a two year process and I honestly thought some in the media and fans would hate it once I went full throttle in another direction. Just the opposite, it was very well received. Your "art" should progress anyway, but people in my genre tend to stick with what works or the same thing. Don't know if I lost any fans with the change, but I certainly gained many new ones.

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