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Arguably sounds a lot better? That's hilarious: if it really did sound a lot better, there'd be no need to argue!


yeeah. i am with monty @ xiph.org on this one. it makes no sense, but it probably sounds good to an investor.


What can Pono that 24 bit FLAC or ALAC cant?
The truth is most people dont care at all. And most people cant tell any difference either.
Its just marketing b******* because Neil Young is involved in it. However I hope I'm not right

Ian Cunningham

It's not really arguable... Pono resolutions will be at 192kHz (an already existing and typical format) and 384 kHz - which is nothing new as far as studio recording goes but which has never been a format available to the public. 384 kHz marks a significant jump above 24 bit FLAC currently set as the listening bar. Meaning it would be a significant move forwards (and back to a better time in music), regardless of whether Neil Young was involved or not. Neil Young's presence just makes it more accessible for the public.

- A 20 year-old music fan

Michael H Anderson

Pono is a Hawaiian term that Young has clearly lifted and now friggin' copyrighted, damn his haole eyes, for use in a profiteering scheme. No Hawaiian should or will be surprised by this kind of behavior from a haole. Shame! I would have expected better from the normally overweeningly politically correct Mr. Young.

Besides which, as a musician for 35 years and music fanatic for 40, I don't believe a word of this asinine trendy hyperbole.

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