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this does not fix their "edgerank" that much. The band page I manage has around 8200 likes...we just posted about a high profile show which is getting A TON of engagement. Total views: 1,053.....out of 8 THOUSAND!

So what

Whatever the edgerank I also noticed for a while my best results come from sunday evening posts...
Now hopefully FB just shoot a bullet on the foot...
Whatever social media you use good returns on sundays... Music is an entertainment stuff, nothing to do with corporate hours...

So what

ps : EdgeRank is a huge concern, of course... Hopefully FB is the next MySpace...


Edgerank is riding roughshod though Facebook. Who is seeing what is a bit of a mystery. It seems that unless you spend all day commenting on peoples (sometimes), inane status updates your posts will struggle to get seen. Interesting times ahead for Facebook. Will it be able to monetise itself now it's a listed company? Maybe not.

I'd say use it while you can but don't rely on it.


All this research is fine and great, but... the overwhelming majority of musicians can't even make one post a day, let alone worry about when is the right time to post, the best length of a post, etc.

Start with something simple... just post once a day, at whatever time you can.


Very useful info, given that the Edgerank algo from Facebook limits you fan reach, you have to improve your content.


All of these are great points but none of the strategies are new.

I agree with Michael, you online strategy has to be tailored to your fans, not based on data that is a study of multiple pages.

You/we know our own fans the best and are in a great position to deliver great posts based on what they are interested in.

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