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REWIND: The New Music Industry's Week In Review

Overheard: #AspenLive Music Conference

image from www.google.comAs the music industry has evolved, so has The Aspen Live music conference. What once was an invitation only gathering of label execs and top tier players, is now far more egalitarian and populated primarily by player's in one of the industry's more profitable sectors, live touring. Patrick May of Hypebot's sister company Skyline Music is there, snapping a few photos and sharing updates.

Bob Lefsetz (L), Steve Martin (R)
Bob Lefsetz: "Hank Neuberger is the streaming giant. He’s responsible for shooting Coachella, Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits. And he made a good point about the promoters of these festivals. That they’re the new moguls, the new Jac Holzmans, the new Ahmet Erteguns. They lay their money down and hold, they build…unlike the labels… HA!" (more)

Hank Neuberger, Springboard: "Creating a line of communication between artists and fans is the essential

Steve Martin, The Agency Group: “Agents work long hours to try to find an act that’s going to change people’s lives.”



Adam Bauer, Patrick May, Greg Grill


@sloane927: you can learn the music biz - you can't teach commitment and focus

@AspenLive: "The relationship with the EDM audience is 180 degrees different than with Radiohead... The *whole venue* is part of the show."

@andysternberg: "What a snowy, oxygen-deprived, whisky-filled treat this is." - Dan Boeckner of @divinefits says what #AspenLive is thinking @BellyUpAspen