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Social Media Tools: Instagram & Twitter Battle, Google+ Communities Launch, New HootSuite Apps

Fighting-hartebeest-malczykInstagram and Twitter are currently playing competitive games at the expense of their users with Instagram cutting off easy posting to Twitter. But Pinterest has jumped into the breech. And they're not the only ones hard at work. Last week Google+ introduced Google+ Communities and HootSuite's App Directory added support for more social media outlets including Vimeo and

Twitter has been upping its photo game in order to compete with all sorts of people including Instagram. They switched photo storage from Photobucket to an inhouse system back in September in order to scale.

Twitter Adds Photo Filters

In a more directly competitive move, they just added photo filters as shown in the above video. On a side note, their new profiles should roll out for everyone today.

This summer Twitter stopped allowing Instagram users to connect with Twitter friends. Over the last week or so, Instagram has struck back, sort of, by first making it difficult to post photos directly to Twitter and now removing posting entirely with only a link back to Instagram.

While Instagram's introduction of web profiles has been helpful to music marketers, busy musicians and marketers can't be happy with having some of their most popular tools making such moves.

Here are some workarounds that might bring some sanity back into your life.

And, if you're on Pinterest, you should be happy to know that you can now view your pins on Twitter.

Google+ Introduces Communities

Last week Google+ launched Google+ Communities focused on theme-based groups to bring people together. For example, Google+ Communities already has a group for GoGirlsMusic and for Musicians.

In addition to the above somewhat cheesy video, here are a couple of informative posts:

How to Create a Google+ Community

First look at Google+ Communities: the importance for brands,
search and PR

New HootSuite Apps Include Vimeo and

HootSuite is one of the more popular tools for managing social media accounts and maintaining sanity. To connect with as many social media services as possible, they launched an App Directory which has seen regular additions.

Now in its tenth wave of new apps, last week HootSuite added apps for Vimeo,, Via.Me, Reachli and Scripted.

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