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I'm disappointed to say the least. Why oh why would the SC guys go through all the trouble of "private beta" if they dont care what we think. If it wasn't for great apps like My Cloud Player - powered by SoundCloud today would have been doomsday for me. Thanx alot


disagree. while no service is perfect, soundcloud allows me to share my and others' sounds easily with fb, tumblr etc., and ppl don't need to sign up to hear them, unlike spotify. quality is great, and as there's no video (like youtube or vimeo) ppl (like me) can listen easily on devices that are a few years old and not capable of sending you to Mars. so far, so good..

Peter Lehndorff

They apologized to me in an email that going live with the "Next" soundcloud was "uncomfortably early". As musicians and paid subscribers we were making suggestions on the beta version but they went their own way.

On the plus side we all want more listeners so that is a good thing. There are also things that I like. The search feature is superior to the classic version. The "sets" feature lets me promote music by other musicians. But a lot of us are on there to co-write music, or find other musicians to work on tracks and give each other support so 'Commenting' on the tracks is really important. Now the comments are hard to read and write. Many musicians are switching back to Classic until SC goes through the growing pains. But that is what it is. They will work through it hopefully. They should respond to the anger that is brewing with the content providers.

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