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SoundCloud's Major 'Next' Upgrade Leaves Beta, Mobile Due 12/6

image from major redesign and upgraded Next SoundCloud has launched from private beta and is now the platform for all SoundCloud users.  The re-engineered platform increases engagement more than 30% over the previous version, according to the company. New features allow users to more easily:

Soundcloud home
  • Discover new music: A new Explore page invites new users to discover original music and audio from SoundCloud’s. There's also improved search, related sounds suggestions, and Continuous Play.
  • Connect with sound creators and new audiences:  An enhanced Facebook sign-up allows new users to find their Facebook friends on SoundCloud to both share with and discover music from those they’ve ‘liked’ to follow them on SoundCloud as well.
  • Share what you hear: Sets allow curation of sounds they like in a single waveform. Reposts let friends, fans and followers share sets and sounds within the community.  Sound creator s and curators can also get real-time notifications of comments and reposts.

Mobile News  Soundcloud mobile

On this Thursday,  December 6th, a mobile upgrade will allow users will be able to enjoy reposts, updated mobile search, and UX updates on both iOS and Android.

SoundCloud use is continuing to grow with creators now posting 10+ hours of music and audio every minute. The platform now reaches over 180 million people - 8% of the entire internet population - every month.