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Streaming Music Service Zvooq Says It's Been Raided By It's Own Investors

image from"We’re under assault," Alexei Ostroukhov, the founder of streaming music service Zvooq and it's parent company Dream Industries, wrote on his Facebook page.  The Russian startup’s office and bank accounts  had been “lawlessly seized” by its investors, according to Ostroukhov who added that, the company's offices were now watched by “armed security guards and raiders’ representatives.”

In addition to music streaming service Zvooq, Dream Industry runs subscription book club Bookmate and knowledge exchange Theory & Practice.

The Russian and global tech communities have rallied behind the founders, writing to Russian Prime Minister Dmitriy Medvedev to “ensure physical safety, as well as freedom from slander and biased criminal indictments” of the founders and staff.

Is this an unjustified forced takeover or investors protecting their interests? Some new reports continue to trickle out of Russia, but as The Next Web reported, "what started as a seemingly legitimate change of CEO becomes a huge public controversy with references to the 'turbulent 90s (in Russia)', traditionally associated with 'businessmen' carrying guns.