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Entrepen-Artist is the term we came up with several years ago here in San Francisco. The dawn actually started in 1999 with MP3.com and CD Baby allowing artists to sell their own music without the confines of no record label contract. Those bands with Entrepreneurial mindsets took advantage of the technology and furthered their careers.

It's Not a new concept and it's what we teach our clients at Independent Distribution Collective.
The music business is a business and each band/artist is their own startup company.

It's no surprise that much of the technology to help these "startup companies/Entrepren-Artists/Musicpreneurs" has come from the San Francisco Bay Area and Boston-Cambridge; Two areas of the country that breed innovation.

Since 1997/98 when Internet Music technology for indie artists became avaiable (thanks to MP3), Entrepren-Artists/Musicpreneurs have been the new paradigm in the business of music and have been scaring the hell out of the RIAA.

Thank you for writing this article to spread the idea and hope that emerging artists will see themselves as entrepreneurs.

Kurt Andrew, mba
Founder of chameleon Music and IDCDigital
San Francisco

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