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Benjamin Fruin

Excellent read. Thanks Rishi.


Nothing new mentioned in this article. I would be curious in seeing the numbers on how many telephone operators are now installing streaming services on their platforms though. The article made a good point that there are 1 billion smartphones worldwide. If Spotify is said to be profitable in Sweden where 1 out of 9 people use it (something like that) then it's only a matter of time before economics of scale makes streaming services profitable worldwide. Are there any stats available to calculate future numbers?

Josh B

It would be interesting to know on average how many times a download a played, although we are still early in the life cycle of digital music downloads anyway. You hit upon the most important point though in that a consumer is going to be much more likely to stream any given track than pay to download it.

Horace Cope

Please stop using Amanda Palmer as an example of how something is going to work for your average independent artist. It always cracks me up when an extremely attractive female - and one who used to be on a major label, no less - is held up as proof that a certain marketing angle "works." It would be interesting to see how the same strategies would pan out for a 400 lb woman who had never played out beyond her tiny hometown.

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