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Mindful Marketing Strategies

3D printing is in its infancy stages, just like every tech product that gets introduced. I suspect as the technology evolves, more artists will leverage it. Record labels will have to bring more to the table than just offering publishing and promotion services. -makeitmindful


Somebody needs to come up with an MP3 player that looks like a Gold Tone record player for the computer where you can play Mp3s and WMA files on it.


Kodak cameras went out of business because they didn't think digital cameras would fly so they refused to change and within a few years more then half the people of the US owned a digital camera. Where as before only a small handful of camera enthusiasts had them.

Goes to show how fast things change.

In 1997 DVD players were an arm and a leg and you'd be lucky to find one below 500$. Now you can find Blue Ray players for less then 100$ if you are not interested in fancy stuff.

Stores the last couple years have been getting the crappiest equipment *Radio Shack grade* in which you have to go online for anything decent.

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