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Nirvana Tikku

Great post -- absolutely on point.

I'd also emphasize the artist interaction, particularly regarding their willingness to "promote their music". These DJs leverage social media tools like YouTube and Soundcloud to promote their music, with an eye towards bringing this subculture's music to the masses via Spotify.

I created the unofficial ASOT android app and in the past year I've seen some pretty awesome growth. While it isn't generating $$ (it's a free app), you'll notice that Armin hasn't shut me down; which I think says a lot. If you're interested in some insights from the app, check out this presentation I compiled: www.slideshare.net/nirvanatikku/asotunofficial-1-year-20k-users-1m-tracks-played


I'm sorry EDM is not a genre. You can't lump skrillex and tiesto together they're only relation is their music is electronically made and danceable. Electronic Dance music just means danceable electronically created music, of which there are hundreds of genres and thousands of subgenres. It's like referring to 'guitar music' hopelessly broad and vague. America are late to the dance music party, but should take the time to learn the distinctions instead of embaressing themselves labelling everything with bass as dubstep and everything electronic as techno.

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