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Elliott F.

anyone have any examples to share?


If not PDF, what form works universally? Microsoft Word is clunky and not all Mac users have it. Text Edit also reformats text. A JPG might work or perhaps just text in an email? Other ideas?

Kyla Fairchild

I would also add that a link to a high quality live performance video or song stream should be included. Make it easy for the person receiving the press release to easily and quickly sample the music.

Clyde Smith

It's a problem. However, I can open Word docs on my Mac with Text Edit. Beyond that, anybody that's doing a lot of online writing and receiving documents has to come up with a way to deal with Word docs. They're just too prevalent.

Actually I think Google Docs can also handle Word documents.

Note that the big problem with PDF's is cutting and pasting. A JPG would be the worst solution.

I think cutting and pasting into email and then adding a Word Doc as an attachment or offering to send one as an attachment is the best approach.

James of 20 Riverside

What does "embargo" mean in this context?

Clyde Smith

An embargo in press terms is when someone wants to put out news before a big announcement but they don't want it reported until after a specific date and time.

That allows the press to get organized, get it on their calendar, do some backup and so forth if they're interested.

Matt Early

Something that every independent band should be aware of. The amount of artists I work with have no idea about this sory of thing, its depressing. Great article. Thanks, Matt x

Clyde Smith

Thank you!

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