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I cringed so hard my face almost came off


Whoever wrote this post seems to really want everyone in the world to know how cool it is that he doesn't give a fuck.


So music critics are self-aggrandizing loners who compensate for poor social skills and insecurity with artificial posturing?

Is that you Anne Rice?

Also, was this originally a Live Journal post?


I think the ultimate music critic joke as told here


remains unchallenged

Melissa Webster

Haha! I hope this is a joke.


Yawn. Somebody got frustrated. Always look up experienced music reviewers & read their testimonials to avoid getting lame reviews...

Jesse Cannon

Usually Hypebot keeps the content super high quality. This post is the exception. Dear god this was dumb.


WTF? This probably the least intelligent, and most absurd article ever on this site. Lucky the write doesn't give a fuck.

Hypebot - not sure if this was meant as a joke, but there wasn't anything amusing, interesting or informative about it ... please don't put shite up like this, it demeans you and flies in the face of your otherwise excellent content.


this was horrible. please dont ever publish anything from this person.


This is one of the stupidest things I've ever read.


Funny Post. Much enjoyed it. It's always good to get a little humor to help break up the workday .....It's also amazing how devoid of any sense humor some of your other readers are....Glad I don't have to work with any of them. :)


This is adoooooorable.

Mighty Id

I'm kind of like d guy. I want to know more about dis guy.

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