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Tesco Burger



As they are making all of this money, why doesn't an artist get royalties... So far, my songs have been played over 16,000 times... great exposure, yes... money, no. How do they get away with it?


I ditched my $60 annual subscription for the Revberbnation press kit. The submission process is either fixed or is a total scam and I really don't see much value in using Reverbnation as a promotional tool.


Ray +1

Joseph VanBuren

Personally, I find Reverb Nation to be a pretty decent site for promotional tools. I just wish it was more fan-friendly; the vast majority of "fans" on the site are other artists. But that does give an opportunity to network. I agree that RN should have more or better ways for artists to make money without spending a lot, but what they give for free surpasses a lot of other sites out there.

Chester B

I agree. I posted my music to soundcloud -they raised $50 million- and bandcamp as well as reverb. I get tons of plays on all those sites and none of them pay me royalties. Whassup?

Comrade D

I only put demo tracks on RN. For any of my music that I've released, I point streaming traffic to Spotify. At least then, I get a small pittance. Better than nothing. If you have sync licensing with Youtube with CDBaby, for instance, you can also get that small pittance if your songs are there, unlike with RN, SoundCloud, etc.

New Music Guy

Um, not trying to be a jerk, but tools providers like Reverb, SoundCloud, and BandCamp, focus only on registering artists, and none of them have many 'fan accounts' as a result.

That isn't to say that fans don't visit those sites and engage with the music. They just don't signup b/c there is little reason to do so. Most of it them are hooked up to facebook or twitter as the social net part of the puzzle.

Gene Dee

Hey - It's free exposure (somewhat)... And that's about it!

Colie Brice

I'm consistently in the top 2% of that 2.5 million. and I haven't even made $50 on AD share revenue. The features and functions are cool, but as usual the artist really doesn't get anything to speak of on a compensation level..

Ampcast was the best when they actually paid you $.05 per mp3 download. That was reasonable.


I have just signed up to www.themusicsocial.com
Its free, you can upload music,pictures etc.
Plus live chat, got two gigs out of that.
So far so good.
They dont sell you anything.

Cookie Monster

Really people! for the facts all these sites are about making money off our behinds. So why blast just reverbnation so hard because of one bad mishap seriously. Just don't pay for anything on the site and use all the free stuff to network your way around just make the best of it for your music and stop complaining. Run on over to the spotlight Zone and get discovered and come back and blog about all the money you make there. you got Itunes and so many other sites that collect money too, and when it all boils down you won't may make one cent unless you spend money to make money. HUMMMM! No sites pays you, it's your music that gets you paid.

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