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Alan Pedley

US musicians, movie makers, and software developers must wonder why their government has given up their copyright in order to protect US casinos from fair international trade. Fair trade in online gambling was agreed by the US government itself in making its WTO GATS commitments in the first place.

Clyde Smith

Definitely not my area of expertise but it seems like this should have been obvious to them when entering those agreements.


Antigua has been a bad actor on the international scene since they were kicked out of the UK in 1981.

Stanford International Bank, Half Moon Bay, John Allen Mohammad, Gerald Bull, Robert Vesco, etc, etc.

This is a "country" which exists only for fraud, theft and terrorism.

As Dick Cheney said: The next warning may be a mushroom cloud.

Clyde Smith

Dick Cheney is your reference point?

Talk about state sponsored terrorists!

The U.S. has no room to talk on those issues. Don't even get me started.

I'm stopping now.

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