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Christopher Bright

Great article! Small typo in last paragraph: "To become part of Bandcamp For Fans, users must purcahse."


Always a fan of the way Bandcamp has done things. This is so on the right track.


Im a huge fan of Bandcamp. I think Bandcamp is a great product with a lot of potential, plus they really help artists get their music out to fans who want to support them.

Im not sure on the 40% number, because it seems as though 30 day earnings have been in decline recently.

Middleman Entity

Bandcamp is really beginning to push itself to the head of the proverbial pack. A hugely important tool for artists and at the same time, I've found some of my current favorite artists and producers there.

Dana Caffrey

I enjoy visiting Bandcamp page. It keeps me updated with what's new in the music scene. Plus, users are able to interact with fellow music fans. Cool!

Chelsea Smith

I've been looking forward for a new added feature in Bandcamp, and here it is now. I'm glad that fans like are able to share with other fans. This is so cool!

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