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BandsInTown Launches Spotify Tour Dates App

Bandsintown_logo_300dpi (2)Concert recommendation and notification app BandsInTown has launched a Spotify app. Bandsintown now synchs directly with the songs, albums, and playlists users listen to on Spotify.  Competing concert listing service Songkick launched its own Spotify app early last year. A demo video and Bandsintown app features:

Key Features:
  • The app recommends similar artists based on the user’s musical taste and listening trends
  • The app creates a local playlist of artists playing live in the user’s location, taking into account the image from www.mindofthegeek.comuser’s frequently listened to artists and those recommended by Bandsintown
  • When users drag and drop any artist on Spotify into the Bandsintown app, a new pop-up tab appears listing the act’s upcoming tour dates and indicating whether they have any shows in their area
  • Other features include the ability to buy tickets directly, status updates indicating whether a user is “Attending” or “Maybe” attending, email alerts notifying users of upcoming concerts in the area, and a personalized page of upcoming concerts that allows fans to click on the artist to play their most popular songs
Bandsintown services over 115K artists and has a monthly reach of 20 million fans.