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andrew cherry

the biophilia app suite is $12.99, period. it includes all the song-specific apps. stating otherwise is irresponsible.

Clyde Smith

Actually there are additional explanations of my statement if you're willing to step down off your soap box for a sec and ask how I came up with that.

The app says it's $12.99 and then there is a list of top in-app purchases:

So if it was once free and the in-app purchase list reflects that earlier version that is no longer available, then Apple's fucked up interface is to blame.

I'll probably update but I have more important work to do at the moment given that my mistake is based on the failures of others.

For example, if Bjork's people were smarter they would make that clear in the Kickstarter. But it's Bjork and she's saying the right things so everybody gives her a pass. And that's irresponsible on the part of everybody who's doing so i.e. every other writer who I've seen cover the issue.

By the way, $12.99 is still too much to reach poor kids in Africa so my point still stands. And, actually, though I tried to soften the piece a bit, I think this whole claim to be reaching poor kids is bullshit unless they have some unannounced plans related to free distribution.

Clyde Smith

Just updated it with the information you could only imply since you were too busy pointing fingers to actually help.

Nevertheless I thank you for caring about accuracy. That's something.

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