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I think they will announce that they finally just noticed what a total heap of junk the Facebook Musician Page system is for talented undiscovered musicians; and they are building a special brick wall to bash their heads against to celebrate the fact they managed to throw such a huge amount of money at such a poorly designed music promotion platform. :p

D. Fuchs

So you're saying you're not a fan?


I respect what they have tried to do with Facebook, but progress has outsmarted development. I remember Facebook when the only people you would expect to see on it where your university mates, because that was what it was designed for... when you graduated it was a means to keep in touch with the guys who you might otherwise not see again very often... and in fact at the time it was very hard to connect with anyone outside of a circle you could prove you belonged to.

In the space of a few short years they have been very ambitious with their ideas to reinvent the platform, so now at a time when everything from your next door neighbour's dog to every soap-sud manufacturer on the Planet is on Facebook, things have got very bent out of shape along the way.

Don't get me wrong, I think it was a good thing to try to make it broader, but I think the pace that they had to start dealing with all the unexpected bad stuff like spammers, e-criminals or cyberstalkers has thwarted their ability to stay focused on the already difficult task of "how do we make this actually work properly?"

Why is relevant to music? Because they haven't figured out that they need to treat music creators differently to soap-sud manufacturers. I think they know it, they just haven't had time to start looking.


Check Out AAMPP.net social network for musicians. they are still in beta and are looking for feedback to built an artist friendly site.

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