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Will they support artists on platforms other than Topspin?

Dick Wingate

Antony, nicely done.

Froot mCgee

Excellent article! Love this concept and love the positivity!

Lippy C

So if an artist doesn't use Topspin, they won't have photos and videos on Daisy? Hmmm...


Seems like a fair deal to me. GoDirect is free, after all.

old man rock

Using Topspin to channel content from the artists to Daisy is a good idea. I also like the idea of Daisy selling merchandise but the execution will be tricky due to the different fulfillment options Topspin allows. If my product arrives in poor condition, who do I contact? Daisy, the fulfillment house, the band, or Topspin? If I order from 3 artists in one session, those responsibilities become more confusing. I'm sure they'll work it out but it will require more than use of a free Topspin account.


Never read about those possibilities in past articles about this partnership. Looking forward to see how this plays out. It's time digital caught up to retail.

Middleman Entity

This is a very intriguing prospect. Simple yet very effective approach to evolving the music streaming practices that are available now.

Benjamin Fruin

The evolution of Daisy will be interesting to watch. Excellent piece Anthony.

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