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Nick James

Good article and can be applied to any number of business conferences/shows.

Mike B

Great post, Cortney.

Can I add something? How about this: if you're a panel moderator running a 55 minute discussion, *don't spend the first 15 minutes introducing your panelists.*

No, seriously. We're here to benefit from their wise commentary and perspective on the issue at hand, not from a recitation of their resumes - which are usually available in the printed conference program anyway.

Okay, rant over.

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James Martin

Thanks for this post. We're pretty confident we tick most of the boxes you mention, namely a high-level conference programme that doesn't state the obvious ( http://bit.ly/midemprog ), midem hack day ( http://bit.ly/SZI3vX ), strong Twitter presence, for visitor networking & more (our online database is also well-used for setting up meetings, plus there are tools like Lanyrd ( http://lanyrd.com/2013/midem/ ).

You're more than welcome this year to come and check it out IRL!


James, midem community manager


wonderful info thanks for sharing

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