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well f.uck MySpace then..


I find it interesting that anyone would take this personally. It's a calculated negotiation tactic. Then again so it the public outrage... MySpace will have to pay indie artists eventually. In the digital age it is easier (and cheaper) to beg for forgiveness than to beg for permission. It seems that settling a lawsuit as part of a negotiation is a very common tactic these days.


Well, there are other options to MySpace: bandcamp, reverbation and NuPlays.com. You guys are all welcome - I you don't need to worry about licencing, as you will keep all your rights.


Who needs Myspace if they're going to act like the major labels? You create your music,get it up on ITunes,you put your video on Youtube,and you spread the word on Facebook.Did Psy get his 1 BILLION views from being on Myspace?


“I do believe that new Myspace is owned 40% by the majors, and also Justin Timberlake has a small percentage. So in effect Indies now work for the majors.

A 7 sec cap of the landscape reveals a blur of Amazon, iTunes, Bandcamp, CD Baby, as well as Pandora and Spotify as sales outlets.

An Indie artist must determine their greatest return for their effort, and perhaps use multiple outlets. An article to help delineate the options would be useful.

Thanks for this great effort.


MySpace is never gonna be what it was in the beginning, everyone knows that except MySpace, they had it in the palm of their hands and they dropped the ball. F**K MySpace

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