Irving Azoff Resigns As Live Nation Chairman & Front Line CEO
Why Azoff Left Live Nation, Front Line & What's Next

It's Not Too Late To Join Our Online Music Industry Networking Party

image from faithoncampus.comINTRODUCE YOURSELF TO OUR COMMUNITY

The holidays are upon us, and whether you're stuck at work, in an airport or hiding from your relatives, if your visiting Hypebot, you care about music and the businesses and technology that support it.  To make days like this a little more interesting and for all of us to get to know each other a little better, we like to throw a little free online networking party here on Hypebot.

In the comments section below, tell us a little about yourself, what you're working on and what excites you (PG-13 only).  Include links that you think might be of interest to others and I suggest adding your name and email or some way that other Hypebot readers interested in collaborating can find you. Shameless plugs are allowed.

Don't be shy. Tell us about yourself...