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I think it's rather presumptuous to think people don't want their CD collection. I treasure mine and would never consider giving it up for streaming access. I also think it's flawed to think nobody wants their CD collection anymore meanwhile CD sales trump digital.

Ophelia Millais

From their TOS:

"Prior to sale or trade of any CD in your Murfie collection, you agree to delete any copies of music made from that CD while you owned it. It may violate copyright law to possess digital copies of CDs you do not own or did not license from an authorized source."

Um, no.

Well, OK, technically, "may" is the operative word. It has not been determined in any U.S. court that copyright statutes and common law can actually be interpreted as forbidding you from keeping personal copies you make of something you purchased. But come on. I'm not deleting my digital copies in anticipation of a court decision that hasn't yet and may never be made.

Of course, when asked about the legality of ripping a CD you own for your own use, the RIAA only says it "won't usually raise concerns" [ref: RIAA website] and "we haven't sued anyone for that yet" [ref: 2007 NPR interview].

I'm surprised Murfie can offer ripping and streaming services at all. This is exactly the kind of thing that the RIAA has hated, refused to license, and sued out of existence before.


The key is "prior to sale or trade". You're just agreeing that you won't rip all your CDs, keep the backups, then sell the CDs. It doesn't sound like anything on their end.

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