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What about spotify's newly announced "Follow" feature? (a feature rdio has had since inception)


Two things: first, i didn't know i was going to like Jimi Hendrix, or Bob Marley, or house music, till i heard it. How do you write a computer program for that?
'You like Miles Davis, DJ Optical and Joni Mitchell? Here's Japandroids, should be right up your street.'
Am i just too eclectic? Do most people really only listen to one or two similar genres all the time, even kids and classical fans?

If not..
I'll bet all 'discovery algorithms' are based on what i input to search or just 'these are my current faves.' That's where plain old real-world radio will always win (for me, xfm - indie/ alternative etc.) Get in the car or go to work, stick the radio on - what's this?
Music discovery on an individual level (for yourself) will always be spontaneous and accidental, the very opposite of what lines of code aim to achieve. Don't know, maybe it might work (i don't know anything about the tech side,) but nothing will replace one person saying to their friend, whose music tastes they know, 'Check this out.'

The only difference (and this is my second point,) is we now have more ways of doing this than 'coming round your house to play records.'
Alot more. and other people can see those recommendations too, though from personal experience i haven't really been grabbed often by a third-party recommendation (a couple so far, i may just be picky.)

Few people 'actively' seek out new music, despite there being a wealth of it out there and a doddle to access. I am one of the few. Sometimes though I just want to sit back and be surprised..


Actually, the problem with Pandora isn't that it doesn't create a spark or that the discovery it could provide isn't interesting to people, it's that they're not doing a very good job of it. The reason is simple: adding emerging or obscure music to their library comes at a great operational cost, and provides less value than adding the latest Bieber track.

Pandora is effectively a search engine, but the "results" they generate are limited to what's in the genome. If 1 million people search for the new Rihanna track, they are highly incentivized to make sure it's in the system. With each album taking incredible time to classify by a well-trained music expert, every album they add has to be important enough to justify the cost. Simply put, adding less-known music for the sake of being great at discovery isn't a strong enough business interest for them. Their biggest priority isn't introducing people to new stuff, it's giving people what they want, which are the things they already know.

Unless Pandora aligns their business model with discovery, they'll never be much better at it than they are now. To say that people don't want it because one company isn't good at it has been a proven bad bet, if you look at items like MP3 players.

Music discovery might be a burned out buzzword, or getting close to it, but that's because a million people claim to be doing it, and they're all doing a shitty job, because they're not in the business of music discovery, they're just trying to make it a side-goal of another business.

Alain Pernot

This is such a great article! When I was 13 years of age I met my very first girlfriend by asking her to dance on a ballad called "Babe" by Styx. Every time I now hear the song, I'm immediately thrown back into the incredible feeling of bliss I experienced back then. That is what music discovery is all about, human contact, feelings, experiences... Who cares about sitting in front of a computer screen having a clever bot suggesting what you should listen too? That's BS! A song has to be of course... great! But also be filled with your own story for it to reach it's ultimate power! Which is more powerful? "The first time I heard that song I was 13 years of age and met my very first girlfriend by asking her to dance with me." Or "First time I heard that song I was sitting in front of my computer screen." You tell me!


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