Beats' Daisy Project Revealed, CEO Ian Rogers Declares 'Mission To Win' [Details & Analysis]
YouTube’s Dirty Little Secret

New Investment Means New Job Openings A Topspin

image from www.tea-ms.comYesterday Topspin CEO Ian Rogers stepped down to head new digital music service Daisy for Beats. Often, the exit of as visible and respected a CEO as Rogers would signal decline. But that doesn't appear to be the case for Topspin who got a "substantial" investment from Rogers new boss and immediately went on a bit of hiring spree.

COO, Jeremy Bellinghausen, who was hired six months ago after he served as President of Orbitz Worldwide’s Hotel Club division, will become Topsin's new CEO.

But they're on the search for a replacement in Nashville for Wayne Leeloy ho left for Warner Music Nashville, where he will serve as  Senior Director of Digital Marketing. Leeloy had been Topspin's Senior Director of Artist Services. Dev-Ops Engineers, Rails Engineers, a customer support specialist in London, and a new VP of Finance in our Santa Monica office.