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Increase Dropbox Space

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audiogalaxy is technically a predecessor of spotify, there are similarities, and now we will see probably the following workflow: 1) index your local mp3s (fingerprint, tags) 2) upload the diff to dropbox 3) stream your own mp3s anywhere for free and add recommended ones or curated channels for a flatrate or with advertisement.


I believe that we still have to look out for what Dropbox and Audiogalaxy guys will come up with and it might make a huge difference in the music market in years to come. Although the purchase seems like an odd move by Dropbox, I for one think that I will work out like it did for Dropbox and GroupDocs. An integration of Dropbox and GroupDocs has favoured not only the users of both solutions but firms are now seriously considering GroupDocs as well as Dropbox to be part of the organizational workflows. You can read more about this integration here:



My morning commute is ruined today. Booooo!

Drop box

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Bad more Audiogalaxy welcome back to working for the man again.


Audiogalaxy was a GOD SEND and now it has been taken away. WHY...>WHY>>>>>WHY!!!!! I can only hope dropbox will release it again and VERY SOON. I am now stuck on streaming music that play what THEY want...not what I WANT WHEN I WANT!!


What about subsonic? Anyone tried it?


As an avid and rabid Audiogalaxy user (both via browser at work and via iPad remotely) I can tell you that I have closely followed this from Day One. At first I was very excited. Yes! Dropbox will only make Audiogalaxy that much better. I was eager to hear some word about what was in stire. So I watched. And I waited. And waited. And...nothing. Not a word from the Dropbox team. Not a word from the Audiogalaxy team. Then, after being intially told that existing Audiogalaxy users would continue to have access to their music...POOF!...Audiogalaxy disappears. One day we have service. The nest day...gone. Without a single word to their many loyal users. And still no word.

For what it's worth - which apparently is nothing - I am waiting to see if Mega can weather their legal challenges. If they make it, then I am going to uninstall Dropbox and never look back.


HomeDJ Music Streamer for Android already does this for about 3 years


Try HomeDJ Music Streamer for Android. It is like Audiogalaxy only better.

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