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Good article.


This is great. Really underscores that focus on the right things spans any industry.

Clyde Smith

Thanks for stopping by. It means a lot!


What a great and meaningful article ! one of the best I've read around here. So far from those common "how to become a star" posts...

Just wondering which metric could fit my own situation, of course. What choices could I do ? What strategy could I set up with a meaningful metric ?

Thanks for this one !


You knocked it out of the park on this, Clyde!

It's one of the most useful articles a DIY artist can read to wrap his/her head around what needs their attention right now.

You addressed the number one problem for every indie artist: focus



My KEY metric is the same one I had in 1992, the ability to PRODUCE (or RE-produce) my art (music performance) and to ship it to those potentially or actively interested.

Clyde Smith

I'm a little unclear on how that's a metric i.e. a number.

But if that keeps you focused and able to evaluate what you're doing, that's great.

Clyde Smith

Thanks! I've been trying to make these connections for awhile, not necessarily in print, and I feel like this came together much better than I might have hoped.


This is a really good, common sense article, Clyde. Sometimes the things that sound simple aren't, but I think you really cut through a lot of the marketing fog here.


Excellent article - thanks.
Really useful way of thinking about this- I am going away to think how this applies to me and all the other indie artist I work with -
(and share this article )
cheers Felix

Clyde Smith

Thanks Ms. Whittle!

Clyde Smith

Cool! Let me know if you come up with anything interesting.

Alexa Morales

This is soooo useful. Thanks for the example metrics too, and the great real world example (I know a ton who'd fit that bill). I think I'll go with shows booked, but emails collected is a good one too!

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