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Mr. Frankie Tan , you have a great idea but a poor product. if you can't listen to HD on your smartphone, and most of the population has or is buying smartphones, then you missed the strategy. perhaps you should have consulted our product team before going down this path.


Sorry for late response - only got alerted to this comment today.

The new Cirrus Apple 338S audio codecs on iDevices are likely 24/96 capable; see this range of Cirrus audio chips: http://bit.ly/UyjDti

I think HD on smartphones may not be too far off; read this: http://bit.ly/T337Ch, and this: http://engt.co/Xze6dl

So there you go; I hope this helps.


Bob F

Mr. Tan,

You have a great platform and the idea that music should be able to be enjoyed without lossy compression is the future just as it was the past. I am sure that I am not telling you something that you don't already know but to be anything more than a small part of the streaming universe you will need to have all the major recording labels signed up. You need to have a streaming service similar to MOG or Spotify but at 44/16 and higher resolutions. I know that the labels have resisted but they are testing the concept with Qobuz in France. I believe that the market is moving toward cloud based storage and streaming but I think that most people will want to rent their music not buy it but you would have both covered. The only problem with Qobuz right now is that it is limited to France and the price is way too high. I think that there would be a market for full resolution streaming at around $20.00 US per month.

I wish you great success.

Bob F


Hi Bob,

Thanks for your comments and encouragement.

We are launching a lossless streaming app targeted at fans of electronic dance music. Beside streaming the latest EDM releases to fans in lossless (16b/44.1KHz) audio quality each week, it allows DJs to discover and preview the entire EDM catalog in the OraStream Store. Given some mobile users' concerns on data usage using lossless files, the app will stream 256 kbps bit-rate quality on cellular and lossless quality on WiFi - if users don't have data plan constraints, the data limit feature can be turned-off.

This app will be available on iOS platforms for a monthly subscription next week.


Hi Bob,

I should have first prefaced that we are bringing music subscriptions into user-centric apps.

Dance! HD (http://bit.ly/16klKYW) is the first of such user-centric apps for fans of electronic dance music.

Bob F

Hi Frankie,

I just got the e-mail alert from OraStream today and it looks like a great start. I hope that it is a success so you can expand the categories and supported platforms. Doing it by separate categories is one way to keep the price down but as so much of music is difficult to categorize, there will eventually need to be a full spectrum option.

The problem of bandwidth will be with us for a very long time. Even if a person has an unlimited data plan, when enough people start streaming lossless, the carriers will be forced to throttle back to prevent congestion. This won't be as much of a problem on WiFi or wired Ethernet but it still could be when you consider that lossless streaming uses 3-4 times the bandwidth and that is at 44/16 let alone 192/24. Let's hope capacity expands at an increasing rate.

Again, wishing you success.

Bob F

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