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Sounds fantastic. Quality promoters hosting unique events. Can someone please import this to the UK?


This is great that more people are catching on to these types of shows. It a nice way to truly listen to music and support the artists. There's also Sofar Sounds, which does a similar thing in more than 30 cities around the word. - http://www.sofarsounds.com

David Dawes

The Damien Jurado/Naomi Wachira show was amazing! It was one of the Melodic Caring Partners shows which added quite a bit of emotional impact to the show. I blogged about it here with some videos and photos: http://virtualsoundnw.blogspot.com/2013/01/damien-jurado-and-naomi-wachira-at.html

Sunny Jim

This is a wonderful way to present a show. If you have quality performers and sound, people are eager to hear new music. And the whole idea of making it an "insider" event really helps. Attendees feel like they are part of something unique and cool, which it is. Is this the future of live music? Hmmmm.


I used to organize and host similar-type shows when I lived in Northern Virginia. I called it "Living Room Live" and hosted them in either my backyard or living room, depending on the weather. The cover was usually $10 and covered the ticket to the show, food and non-alcoholic drinks and attendance was limited to 35 people. I designed tickets for each show, too, so that the audience would have something to take home with them, regardless of whether they bought any of the artists' merch.

The artists loved these shows because they were guaranteed a crowd and that they would get paid. My friends and local music fans loved them because they were exposed to new music/artists in an intimate setting.

A dear friend of mine used to put on "The 3+ Hour Tour" in Orange County. She would rent a yacht for an afternoon and invite roughly a dozen artists to play three songs each. Capacity on the boat was limited to 200 guests and I'm pretty certain it sold out every time. Katy Perry was on of the artists who played on The 3+ Hour Tour's first excursion.

Small shows are where it's at!

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