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That's crazy! Does this mean Backstage is going to make Sonicbids more legitimate? I've used the service many times to very little success and every musician I've met says the same. I've also used Backstage and found it lacking greatly when compared to other casting sites. It will be interesting to see where it goes.

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This is great news! Backstage doesnt charge actors per submission its all unlimited. Hope they make the process the same for music artists through sonicbids! They are so about to kick castingnetwork and actorsa cess' asses


Hmmmm, never had any success with Sonicbids, I do much better on my own. Will they continue their "pay to play" philosophy?

Derek B.

Bruce, would you be able to point me to the RAND study you quote from? I'd be very interested in understanding their assessment of the number of performing artists in the US and Worldwide.

Thanks very much!

Derek B.

Danny Fiorentini

Hey Chancius, we agree with you. That's why we created Muzeek (https://muzeek.com)

Would love for you to check us out.


Danny Fiorentini

Neither did we, that's why we started Muzeek (https://muzeek.com). We think we're 10x better. Would love for you to check us out!

Danny Fiorentini

Hey Bruce,

I think you'll really like our platform Muzeek (https://muzeek.com)

We started it 2 months ago specifically because of the convoluted process that all of these platforms seem to only make worse for artists/venues.

No pay-to-play. We like to think of ourselves as "The Bandcamp of Booking."

Would love for you to check us out.

Danny Fiorentini


Three years ago when I signed up with Sonicbids I was impressed. The workers TRIED to help you, regardless. The people were NICE. Today the company keeps withdrawing money from my credit card. Can't get a straight answer from anyone. To top it off I have not been able to sign in in months. Headache, after headache after lie after lie........

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