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Perhaps they're going to focus on offline playlists, a premium feature that serves the same function to the user as paid downloads.

Tom green

Unlikely to return. Why offer something which is in direct commercial opposition to your model ? And probably has something to do with the fact that they're not making a profit, yet. A lot if folk use the free service as a discovery engine, then buy downloads. Spotify make a lot less out of that than premium, so they're hoping this will push people into going premium.

Nathan Hetherington

I thought the same about shifting those who download onto a premium account.

I didn't see the point of having downloads on Spotify to begin with and the revenue seen from spotify downloads is minimal compared to streaming. something like 0.6%

Mindful Marketing Strategies

the download capability seemed like a feature overlap with their premium services (i.e. offline availability). i can see why they made this business decisions. fans may not like it at first, but they'll adjust.


The one thing that required them to actually pay something fair to an artist. Shocker.


This may seem like Spotify have cut off the main revenue source for the artists... Its a big shame.


I agree. I finally made the switch to premium and it's been worth it so far. I especially like using some of the Spotify-Powered iOS apps. Check out Fliptape if you get a chance. It's an alternative to the Spotify player and you can listen to what you're friends are playing.

lady miss kier

screw the artists who actually provide the music.


They can concentrate on developing and adding to their regular revenue streams, namely subscription and advertising. Downloads simply muddle the business model. Why download when you can get what you want from the cloud?

Christopher Briggs

What utter rubbish. The "artists" as you put it receive but a small percentage of what the rights' owners get - there is a difference. Those who actually create or compose music, in my opinion, only get a small piece of the cake. If rights' organisations only admitted that fact, that they were looking out for the publishers, the record labels, et cetera I might have a little more respect for them - if only for their honesty. Instead we hear this "revenue source for the artists" humbug.

Christopher Briggs

so what do you do when you are moving around, without a connection? Have to use a mobile one, expensively? That is the reason one has downloads. This sucks.

Aristedes Philip DuVal

Useless & foolish.

Achronika Troy Hagerman

I'm an artist, Achronika , I download it takes alot of memory , but then I can dedicate an sd's micro chip to music, another to various apps , right ?

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