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Alex Hoffman

To dive in deeper you can read my Hypebot piece, "Context Culture: The Next Music Revolution." It examines how the bigger picture advances in contextual technology that Scoble has been covering may be practically implemented, using the platform Gimbal as an example: http://www.hypebot.com/hypebot/2012/11/context-culture-the-next-music-revolution.html


Call me uncivilized, but compared to the gut reaction that you get when you hear a new song that really just blows your mind, All this talk about context devolves a bunch of Tech BS

Alex Hoffman

TJR, the excitement surrounding these advances is all based on the notion that it can bring us more of those mind-blowing moments and listening experiences. That said, as the need to "seek out" those moments, a requirement which may add to the adventure and impact of them, fades with the intro of more seamless contextual music platforms, the gut reaction may also consequently fade. But that's a separate discussion..

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