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Sean Harley [Tucker]

Music and melody invite you to visit but lyrics keep you on the couch drinking too much wine. I used to pore over liner notes to glean meaning. I even broke a couple cassette players trying to catch lyrics with overzealous rew/play/rew/play/rew/play sequences.

I've been sharing my lyrics as well as short stories based on the song with great feedback from my fans. An example can be seen at:


Yannick, the GeneralEclectic

A great article. Thanks.

Janet Hansen

Excellent, Emily! Yes, understanding lyric content is very important in all aspects no matter what side you happen to be on, listener or artist. I mean, doesn't the artist really want the listener to understand and absorb the intended meaning of the work? Yes, I think they care deeply. This along with sound quality are reasons enough we should fight to keep a physical format whether it is the CD, vinyl, tape...whatever the case may be.

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