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Jonathan Jaeger

I love their content. Unfortunately I don't know if the model scales, so I don't know the purpose of a "lifetime subscription." One year, sure I'll put the money down.

Clyde Smith

I would be surprised to see many lifetime subscriptions at this stage, even if they're a great deal. But that can actually work in their favor if the offerings continue to improve, the service is great and they stay in business cause most people will subscribe from year to year and it's quite possible to make more money than you'd get from a lifetime subscription.


I took a Leifetime script. What do you have to lose? For 100 bucks?


Agreed with Pnicomini, at $100 its a deal and well worth it.


Huge fan of thefuture.fm. Definitely worth having an ad-free lifetime subscription for $100. They need to introduce an app for the android though.

Clyde Smith

Yeah, I agree on both counts.

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