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W.P. Mayhew

Do you even buy music from iTunes any more? I thought it was just a rental, with Apple continuing to hold the rights to the music that you've 'purchased.'


In its current state, no... But in the future, perhaps.


In a perfect world, they would link to physical purchases. Or at least not be such a closed off garden (i.e. they could at least link to an artists website).


Rhapsody already did that.


Rdio has always sold downloads.

Catherine Hol

There should be a 3rd option to choose from in this poll:

NO - users that want to buy downloads can do so via a link to the artist's own website.

It's kinda depressing to think of Spotify being the middle-man for download sales. Like some monstrous Walmart of music.


Good riddance!

This feature was always for show only, to please naive artists & labels who thought that a streaming subscription service was a "Discovery" vehicle, leading to MP3 Consumption (whether purchased or stolen, not important). NEWS FLASH: streaming IS the consumption as well, not just discovery.

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